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Canva is an online design platform that gives you the power to create stunning designs with very little knowledge or effort. It is a user-friendly, drag and drop editor that allows anyone to quickly create logos, flyers, infographics, invitations and other visuals without needing to have any special design skills. Canva’s library of components makes it even easier than ever before to create amazing visuals easily.

What Is Canva Pro?

Canva Pro is a premium version of Canva designed for teams and businesses who need access to more advanced features. It comes with extra features such as unlimited folders and access to higher quality images, custom fonts, and branded colors. Additionally, it offers automated workflow approvals for added control over team projects and closer collaboration between team members no matter where they are located in the world.

Features of Canva Pro

With Canva Pro you get access to a range of custom fonts; you can use these fonts anywhere in your designs including on logos and brand assets or in titles and headlines. There’s also an option to upload your own custom font should you wish – say if someone in your company had their own handwriting turned into a font for consistent branding across the organization! You’ll have access to millions of royalty-free photos as well as customizable illustrations which make creating visual assets much easier than having to use stock photography time after time! You can also save designs as favorite templates so they can be reused quickly as part of team standards or projects later down the line. Plus there’s unlimited cloud storage so nothing will ever get lost again!

Why Upgrade To Canva Pro?

The benefits from upgrading from free account level to a paid plan are several: Watermarks can be removed from all images used in your design; high resolution image usage is possible; limited access for team members at different levels; analytics help trace important elements such as ROI performance over time; workflow approvals allow better management of multiple users on one project; proprietary fonts become available globally throughout the entire organization increasing consistency and saving file space; brand elements may now appear throughout the entire organization by using guardrails inside the platform itself making sure everyone uses only corporate approved colors and images while providing flexibility within design parameters – motivating creativity at all times instead of restricting our staff!

How Much is Canva Pro?

For small businesses with 1-9 users on board membership starts at $12.95/month billed annually or $15/month billed monthly but if you add 10 or more members then prices vary depending on their number starting Prices automatically increase for larger teams (10+) starting from $119/annually per user + applicable taxes

How Does it Compare With Other Design Software Platforms?

Canva competes directly vs other cloud based Visual DYI (Do It Yourself) software providers like Adobe Spark & Clipchamp Create which come bundled together with subscription plans costing $180/year per user (at least 30 people needed). The difference being that Canvas main advantage continues being its integrated library containing readymade content & professional templates helping users do more complex drag & drop layouts while saving time otherwise spent researching individual design items like icons & photographs separately… otherwise easily found in this one powerful library!

Bonus DIY Tips For Using Canva:

Start off by exploring their vast collection of templates ranging from event invites & resumes through promotional posters & stationery right up all manner of printable ephemera like holiday card sets invites etc

Don’t be afraid to experiment freely prior committing yourself – try experimenting first utilizing dummy data until perfected

Experimenting with shapes (which are very easy), text boxes & icons often lead surprising results yet look professional

Use multiple layers when building out complex graphic shapes / aspects which become far easier when separating objects out

•Keep volume down by continuing working from pre-done integration items rather than continually downloading new ones unless absolutely necessary

Most important – enjoy yourself!! Have fun coming up with witty catch phrase executions

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