How To Download Divi Plus Pro Plugin

Divi Plus Pro Plugin
Divi Plus Pro Plugin

What is Divi Plus Pro?

Divi Plus Pro is a comprehensive plugin for the Divi Theme that adds more features and controls to your website. With this powerful plugin, you can quickly create beautiful custom layouts without manually writing code or performing customizing your page templates. Allowing you to control everything from font sizes to colour schemes helps make theme customization look effortless and professional. The best part of all is that it’s free.

  1. Features
  2. Divi Plus Pro has many features that allow you to quickly customize any WordPress page with just a few easy steps. Some of its main features include:
  3. • Custom Typography – Create custom fonts, sizes, and line heights for headings, titles, body paragraphs, and more;
  4. • Color Schemes – Select an accent colour from the palette panel or apply custom palettes;
  5. • Background Settings – Add background images or videos with a two-click installation;
  6. • Social Media Widgets – Add social media icons for each post and pages in various styles;
  7. • Video & Image Pickers – Easily search through thousands of available images and videos with just one click;
  8. • Template Import/Export – Quickly export or import template settings between sites with no hassle;
  9. • Much more!

How To Use Divi Plus Pro

Using Divi Plus Pro is easy! Install the plugin in WordPress and navigate to the “Divi Plus” tab on your WordPress dashboard. Here, you can easily access all the extra control and customization options the plugin offers, including custom typography, colour schemes, background settings, video pickers and much more! Once you’re happy with how everything looks, save your changes and enjoy a fully customized website powered by Divi Plus Pro.

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Where Can I Get Divi Plus Pro For Free?

You can find Divi Plus Pro for free on the WordPress plugins repository! Just go ahead and download it immediately; no extra signup is required. We suggest reading some reviews before installing the plugin to ensure it meets your expectations!

Is There A Documentation Available?

Yes, if you ever need help understanding how something works in Divi Plus Pro, there’s plenty of documentation available here: Here, we cover detailed instructions on every aspect of Divi Plus Pro, so even if you’re stuck, don’t hang around — read up on our FAQs or contact us directly via live chat/tickets! We’re always here to help our users 🙂


The Divi Plus Pro Plugin is a comprehensive plugin for making advanced customizations to any WordPress site effortlessly using its drag-and-drop interface so anyone, regardless of coding experience, can make their projects come alive quickly, irrespective of their expertise. From built-in typography controls, colour schemes, backgrounds, videos & image pickers, plus a host of other unique features – let’s not forget about template importing & exporting – this plugin has got all bases c

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