How To Download Telegram Chat Pro Plugin

Telegram Chat WordPress Pro Plugin
Telegram Chat WordPress Pro Plugin
Full-Featured Messaging App

With the free Telegram Chat WordPress Pro Plugin, you can add a full-featured messaging app to your WordPress website. This plugin offers all of the features of the popular Telegram app, including group or one-on-one conversations, audio recordings, and video calling.

Safe and Secure Messaging

The plugin also includes end-to-end encryption security similar to what is used by banking apps and other highly secure applications. Your data will be securely stored on your server and never sent to an external service. Your private messages will remain confidential.

Customizable Interface Design

The plugin has a built-in customization engine, making it easy to control how your messaging interface looks without editing any HTML code. You can choose from multiple themes and color schemes and add custom widgets such as profile photos, links to social networks, and more.

Easy Installation & Setup

Installing the Telegram Chat WordPress Pro Plugin is quick and straightforward—upload it through the WordPress Plugins menu, activate it, and you’re ready in under 5 minutes. Within the Telegram Chat WP admin panel interface, you can customize your security settings, design elements, user access levels, etc.

Mobile Friendly Notifications

One of the most valuable features of this plugin is its mobile-friendly notifications feature, which automatically sends SMS messages with VOIP/SMS providers when someone new comes online or sends a message on your site’s chat platform; this helps keep users engaged even when they aren’t online at their computer with full access to their email accounts or apps like Skype or Slack for example).

Multilingual Support

The Telegram Chat WordPress Pro Plugin supports multi-language features so users of different languages can communicate seamlessly with each other using autotranslation provided by Google Translate API v2 (currently supporting 70+ languages).

Download the Telegram Chat WordPress Plugin

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