The Best Way to Download the WP Smush Pro Plugin for Free

Smush Pro WordPress Plugin
WP Smush Pro WordPress Plugin

WP Smush Pro is an image optimization plugin that helps reduce the file size of your images while maintaining their quality. It compresses images without damaging the quality, so your photos remain sharp and crisp. WP Smush Pro allows you to resize, optimize, and compress images in bulk and convert them to the new WebP format to save even more space. With WP Smush Pro, you can minimize the size of your photos for faster loading times, improved performance, and better SEO.

WP Smush Pro Plugin Features

  • Bulk Smush: Compress up to 50 images with one click.
  •  Image Resizing: Automatically resize large images to a more appropriate size.
  •  Lazy Load: Improve page loading times by loading images as visitors scroll down the page.
  •  Automated Compression: Automatically compress new images as you add them to your site.
  •  Super Smush: Compress images up to 2x more than regular Smush.
  •  Image Backup: Keep a copy of your original images if you want to restore them.
  •  Compression Stats: View your compression stats to see how much space you’ve saved.
  •  Multi-Site Compatible: Compress images across multiple sites with the same WP Smush Pro account.
  •  Image Compression Quality: Choose between lossless or lossy compression levels to decide how much quality to keep in your images.
  •  Image Compression Formats: Compress JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF files.
  •  Automated Image Optimization: Automatically optimize your images for maximum savings.
  •  WebP Conversion: Convert images to the new WebP format for even more savings.
  •  Detailed Logs: View detailed logs of Smush activity to see which images have been compressed.
  •  Image Previews: Preview images before and after compression to see how much space you’ve saved.

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