How To Download Hide My WP Pro WordPress Plugin

Hide My WP Pro Plugin
Hide My WP Pro Plugin

Hide My WP Pro is a WordPress plugin that provides users with an extra layer of security for their WordPress website. It helps to hide the fact that you are using WordPress by concealing the familiar paths and features that can be used to identify a WordPress site. This plugin also offers features like IP blocking, password protection, and URL rewrites to strengthen your WordPress website’s security further.

Hide My WP Pro Plugin Features

  • Hide your WordPress folder structure, including the wp-admin directory.
  •  Obfuscate your WordPress URLs.
  •  Change the default WordPress login URL.
  •  Disable directory listings.
  •  Hide the WordPress version number in your HTML source code.
  •  Change default WordPress database table prefixes.
  •  Block access to the WordPress XML-RPC interface.
  •  Hide your WordPress theme and plugin names.
  •  Block malicious URL requests from being processed.
  •  Hide PHP errors from being displayed.

Download Hide My WP Pro Plugin

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