How to Download Bookly Pro WordPress Plugin

Bookly Pro Plugin
Bookly Pro Plugin

Bookly Pro is a WordPress plugin that makes managing appointments, bookings, and services for businesses easy. It helps streamline the process of scheduling and bookings, making it easy for both customers and companies to coordinate their visits and services. It has a range of features to help customers make bookings, manage their appointments, and view their services. Bookly Pro also includes automated notifications, payment processing, and analytics to help businesses track and optimize their operations.

Bookly Pro Plugin Features

  • Customizable booking pages with drag-and-drop editing
  •  Automated booking notifications and reminders
  •  Accept payments in multiple currencies
  •  Create and manage various booking services
  •  Color-coded calendars for better organization
  •  Multi-language support for global clients
  •  Manage customer databases, including contact info and booking history
  •  Set up discount codes for special offers
  •  Track bookings with detailed analytics
  •  Integrate with a variety of third-party services

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